for AMPUTEES of ALBERTA


The MARAA Foundation is highly motivated in its mission to provide mainstream and consistent resources, support and guidance to all amputees of Alberta.

By networking with the WAR AMPS of CANADA and providing resources and awareness throughout Alberta, MARAA will be granting amputees the opportunity to stay active and resume a productive life.

Living life with an amputation

Experiencing an amputation doesn't mean you can't experience life!

Maraa offers the most recent and signifigant resources to support you as you transition into a life with limb loss.

From getting the news for the first time, to the process of healing, therapy and prosthetics, our resources will help you step by step through this new journey.

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Amputee Support

Coaching to help you through the journey!

Receive support and guidance from a mentor living with an amputation.

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MARAA offers the most recent and significant resources to support you as you transition into a life with limb loss.

Our team has gathered the best resources out there to support you as you go through the process of an amputation.


A Guide To Success

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Learn what to expect and the resources available to you

Get guidance from an experienced amputee

Know what to expect with an amputation!


My name is Doug Campbell, founder of the MARAA Foundation, bilateral amputee and certified mentor.

Since losing my leg in 2016 and the other in 2020, I have gone through many things that you are about to experience yourself. You most likely will experience a wide range of emotions and perhaps have many questions to ask.

My book “One Step at a Time” will guide you through the next steps. answer some frequently asked questions and provide the links to the many resources you will need in your journey as an amputee.

….Remember You Are Not Alone!!

“One step at a time ….an amputee’s journey”

is a resource book written by an AMPUTEE for AMPUTEES!

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